For lovers of a sport or a game, it is necessary to note that before starting out to participate in the sport, you know the necessary basics of the game. You can achieve this by watching different games which are related to what you want to partake in. Taking soccer for example, those who have developed interest in the game, have sustained it basically in two ways: First, they have watched professionals play the game continuously, and second, they have practiced themselves.

For games such as darts, the same rules apply. However, learning to play darts has its own specific rules, and it is expedient that you know them before learning to play. For instance, walking into a store and buying a pack of darts can be regarded as a false move, you have to start from the basics.

One fact you should realize is, the kind of darts you choose, would determine to a large extent, how well you would play and develop your skills

So for beginners, you need to know the parts of a darts

  1. Flight: This is regarded as the back of a dart. The size and style determine to a large extent its stabilization and speed
  2. Shaft: This is what attached the flight to the grip, it can be made from any material
  3. The grip: This is the part of the dart which stays in the middle of your fingers, they could either be rigid or smooth
  4. The point: This is the part of the dart which is fired into the dart board, it is usually sharp. The common types of darts points are usually sisal boards and plastic boards


There are lots of best darts which are available for sale on the market, and it could be difficult for the beginner to make the right choice in selecting one. One point beginners should note is, the point of the dart is a major identification feature for darts.

Steel darts

This type of dart is meant for bristle dartboards. With the tip, the penetration of the board is easy. You can sharpen the tip if it becomes blunt, or the whole dart could be changed.

Soft tip darts

This dart is okay for electronic boards, and this is because the dart has a low weight. The tip is made of durable plastic

Brass darts

These darts are very popular. However, they are not meant for professionals. For bar plays and random recreational outings, brass darts can be used

Nickel silver darts

These darts bear a striking resemblance to brass darts, as they have the same density. The only downside for this dart is, these darts are quite expensive than brass darts. They are however known for being very durable, even more than brass darts

Tungsten darts

These darts are also well-known, and a good number of professionals make use of these darts. They have high density and are very durable. However, they can be affected by wear which is caused by friction.


When choosing dart shafts for beginners, a composite or carbon-fiber is advised for use, they are very durable, and they can be easily replaced. They do not vibrate as such, so loosening from the barrel is nearly impossible


When choosing the right darts for use, it is important that you take a look into their flight. Most professionals use the weight of the dart and the speed of their throw as the yardstick for determining the dart flight. So for a quick throw and faster flight, a smaller one would suffice


Beginners are advised not to disregard this factor, if they do not want to have issues in the future. For starters, the recommended weight for darts is between 16 to 20 grams


As earlier mentioned, the market is flooded with all sorts of darts which have different prices. It is important that you note that the expensive price of a dart does not guarantee how good the dart would be. So, it is best that you pick the darts which would go well with your skill level.




Introduction to the world of darts

Darts is a sport which involves throwing little-sized missiles against a circular dartboard which is affixed to a wall. Putting into consideration that various boards and rules have been utilized in the game of darts, the game has been regularized to an extent, as there is a specific algorithm and board design.

In different countries of the world, the game of darts is played in a couple of ways. Starting from the conventional way of playing darts to the online game which is has with numerous players. It can be said that darts is a very popular game.

In some countries, what some players do is, before actually facing off in a game of gotcha darts, they take part in a pseudo-game, which has to do with hitting selected targets.

Playing gotcha is normally done on a traditional dartboard, with three darts and a bull’s eye in place. Players have to ensure that they hit lots of targets during a play, and this involves using all the darts.

One interesting feature about gotcha darts is, lots of players can participate in the game, there is no limit whatsoever. The number of players in the game is the major determinant of how long the game would last, and the length of the game is also determined by the number of chosen targets.

Objective of the game of darts

In gotcha dart, it is expected that each player needs to get the precise number which was generally agreed on before the game started. This is important for you to go over this rule with other players before the game begins. It is also advised that an attainable and comfortable score is chosen, so that it would be easy to reach, as a very high score could make the game become too long. If a low score is selected, the game could end faster, so it is important that you and other players decide on what is best for everyone.

Definition of killing

One of the important aspect of gotcha, is killing, and it has been found to be a very interesting aspect alongside. What killing involves is, players can be allowed to totally reset the score of their opponent to the default score which is zero. This is made possible, by ensuring that you throw your dart and have the score which would give you the same point which your opponent has. Once this is done, your opponent has been killed in that sense, as they would have no choice, than to start from zero, thus giving you the upper hand.

How to bust your opponent?

During the play of gotcha, you would get to discover that any player can be busted. This is a condition whereby any of the players has a score which is higher than the agreed upon total score. Before you can be declared as the winner of a challenge, you would have to ensure that you have the same number of points which was previously agreed on, right from the start of the game. So, having less or more is not permitted. The sad part is, once you bust, your score would go back to the previous score you had before the last throw.

Playing till when a winner emerges

One fun fact about gotcha is, you have to keep playing till there is a winner. What some players do is, they would keep throwing till anyone has reached the selected total. As far as the game is concerned, this is quite hard to attain, so there is a huge possibility that the game would go on for hours. So, the willingness to partake in the game of gotcha requires you to exercise patience till someone nails the precise number of points, and surely, the person would be declared as the winner.


For those who want their skill level to experience an upgrade, it is essential that you keep on practising consistently, and with time, you would definitely get better. Also, hang out with friends who play darts too, and ensure that you learn from those who are better than you are.

Thxx, Lasesana