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October 31

5-Minute Spanish Class #015: Present Tense of Regular Verbs

Regular verbs All Spanish verbs in the infinitive end in -ar, -er, or -ir. To conjugate, drop the ending and add: -ar Yo -o Tú -as Usted/ él/ ella -a Nosotros/ as -oamos Ustedes/ ellos/ ellas -an Hablar, to speak Yo hablo Tú hablas Usted habla Nosotras hablamos Ellos hablan -er Yo -o Tú -es Usted/ él/ ella -e […]

October 30

5-Minute Spanish Class #014: The Family

The Family: la familia el esposo husband la esposa wife el hijo son 
la hija daughter el hermano brother 
la hermana sister el padre father la madre mother el abuelo grandfather La abuela grandmother 
la tía aunt el tío uncle el sobrino nephew la sobrina niece la prima  cousin el primo  cousin la cuñada  sister-in-law […]

Easy Pork Tenderloin With Creamy Indian Spice Sauce

This is my go-to recipe when I’m feeling lazy but still want a warm tasty meal that is not boring! Ingredients: 1 Pork tenderloin 1 Can cream of mushroom soup (if you use condensed, add 1 cup water) 2 ½ Tbs. Indian spice mix (or any spice mix you find in your cabinet)  Here is […]

We Thought We Were Spared Sandy’s Wrath…

Apparently not. Last night, as Hurricane Sandy passed DC and we went to bed, I gave a sigh of relief that nothing had happened to our old house and that we were all safe.  I had heard a rip and a crash around 10 pm, but I thought it had been part of an old […]

5-Minute Spanish Class # 013: Possession II

POSSESSION: Possessive adjectives Possessive adjectives must agree in number and gender with the object possessed. Short form: Yo Mi/ mis   My Tú Tu/ tus   Your Él, ella, usted Su/ sus   Your, her, his Ellos, ellas, ustedes Su/ sus   Their Nosotros/ nosotras Nuestro/Nuestra(s)   Our My blouse                         mi blusa Your pants            […]

5-Minute Spanish Class #012: Possession I

POSSESION:  Tener v. ser de  Tener = to have Tener   To have yo tengo I have usted tiene you have tú tienes you have él tiene he has ella tiene she has nosotros/ nosotras tenemos we have ustedes tienen you have ellos/ ellas   they have                          I have two brothers Yo tengo dos hermanos […]

5-Minute Spanish Class #011: The Human Body (Vocabulary)

The Human Body El cuerpo humano el pecho chest la pierna leg la cara face el brazo arm el pezón, la mamila nipple 
la boca mouth la mano hand 
la cintura waist el ojo eye el pie foot las nalgas buttocks la cabeza head el abdomen abdomen la cadera hip la nariz nose el cuello […]

Traditional Semolina Cake

Ingredients: 1 liter milk 1 cup semolina flour 1 cup sugar 1 & 1/2 cups raisins (soaked in warm water) 3 Tbs. Butter Preparation: In a medium pot, bring milk to a boil Stir in sugar and semolina flour slowly Cook for 5 to 6 minutes and remove from heat before the mixture begins to […]

October 28

Writing a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

There are several versions of the Snowflake Method to writing a novel.  My personal favorite is Randy Ingermanson’s version on his website,  I strongly suggest reading Ingermanson’s page on the Snowflake Method if you are about to put it into practice.  I based my version largely on Ingermanson’s, but being a visual learner and […]

Gabriel García Márquez, How Ideas For Stories and Novels Are Born: An Image

It all starts with an image… This is a short excerpt from Gabriel García Márquez‘s El olor a la guayaba (The Smell of Guava), a series of interviews/conversations with Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza (Tunja, 1932), Colombian politician, journalist and writer.  The translation is mine: Mendoza: What is, in your case, the starting point of a book? García […]